adidas brooklyn farm 
2019/ 2 weeks

Being selected by Pensole, I had the opportunity to spend 3 weeks at the adidas brooklyn farm. After noticing that the farm mostly designs for top tier male athlete stars, I quickly became interested in pushing the brand’s perspective of innovation: How can the booklyn farm rethink their target users?

The future of sport is in the youth, it’s in street futbol. I approached this project by looking at the fastest hard working player on the block: the young girls that have to move twice as fast and claim their space in the game.  She uses everything she got to trick and triumph over those who did not want her on the field. She plays to feel proud and seen. 

Designed for omnidirectional grip, these boots allow her for fast and precise control on the ball and groud.  The responsive tooling allows for quick stop and propulse motion to react quickly around the field.  The integrated upper is designed to offer  360 holistic striking point, allowing her to take any scoring opportunities with high precision.