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Lisa Vander Plaetse (A.K.A. Matuta) is a multidisciplinary footwear researcher. She sees shoes are artefacts that can tell stories of the human body, technology, culture, and self-identity. As a queer femme coming from a lineage of immigration, Lisas’ design process is an opportunity to conduct sociological research around the theme of identities and shape new stories through the medium of footwear and collaborative work.

Coming from an industrial design background, Lisa has applied her technical skillset towards the exploration of innovative footwear solution within global brands such as adidas, aldo group and new balance. Through her work with smaller independant studios and artists such as Skua Studio, Yvanna Muradin and Meru, she experiments with multidisciplinary storytelling with context awareness and critical thinking.


2022 _ Manifestations /  DDW
2022 _ La Fashion / Raices Queer Latinx Diaspora
2022 _ S.O.B. collective
2022 _ WDKA Graduation show
2022 _ Work in Progress by the spectum space
2022 _ Femfest


2022 _Young Talent design award / nominated
2022 _ PUSH award / winner
2022 _ Drepeljprijs Social Practices / shortlisted
2019 _ adidas pensole / top 15
2017 _ new balance pensole / top 15
2017 _ Best technical development / winner
2016 _ DP Innovation design competition / 2nd prize
2014 _ IPL Plastics / 2nd prize